I am using PB12.1.
In my application I create a ADOResultSet and populate it with data from
a ResultSet:
ResultSet lrs_data
ADOResultSet lars_data

lrs_data = create ResultSet
li_result = a_ds.GenerateResultSet(lrs_data)
lars_data = create ADOResultSet
li_result = lars_data.SetResultSet(lrs_data)

On Windows8 the application produces a gpf at the last line.
There are no problems on all other operating-systems

Some time ago (in 2012) we had a problem with the same line of code,
that was produced by a certain microsoft-safetyupdate (KB2698365).
Microsoft fixed that with a hotfix.
Now on Windows8 it seems, as if it is the same line of code, that
produces the crash.
Up to now I did not find a hotfix from microsoft or any other hints.

Has anyone experienced similar problems?